ITS Events

ITS tennis centre annually organizes several significant events, which are open to our players to participate in.

woman tennis tournament


ITS tennis centre uses spaces of OMEGA centre, a brand new and one of the most luxurious health and sport center in Europe, which provide ideal environment for top training.

ITS tennis centre annually organises prestigious international tennis tournament for women, which is attended by the best players not only of Czech but also international ranking WTA. The tournament offers 50.000 USD in prize money, which makes it one of the most attractive tournaments in Central Europe. Every year the tournament attracts hundreds of spectators who have the opportunity to watch first-class tennis played by both Czech and international women tennis players.


Training camp Croatia

In order to variegate the summer training season our players have an opportunity to attend a ten-day long training camp in Croatia. The camp includes not only tennis trainings of technique and movement on the court but also fitness trainings. The environment of Croatia provides ideal conditions for training of players and improvement of their adaptability to temperature variations, with which a lot of players have to cope when travelling to tennis tournaments abroad.



In order to variegate the winter training season our players have an opportunity to attend a training camp in the mountains. The camp is primarily focused on fitness training. High altitude requires adaptation of organism to changes of environment. Lower oxygen intake helps players to improve their endurance performance, which is very important especially during long matches.

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