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The Tennis and School program enables young athletes to combine high intensity training program all year long and continue individually planed academics. We provide our students high standard education with Cambridge International School to ensure fundamental well-rounded development of an individual in both sports and curriculum.

Tennis training

  • 15 h of tennis a week 
      (3 h of daily training from Mon to Fri)
  • 2 training sessions every day
  • 2 hours with coach per day in group (2 players per coach)
  • 1 h saturday free play (recommended)
  • Technical support provided by Head Coach
  • Regular matches
  • Regular communication with parents
  • Ability to purchase individual 1 on 1 trainings

Fitness training

  • 5 h of conditioning per week – Group training
  • 4 fitness tests per year (only for program
    40 weeks)
  • 2 Maximal heart rate tests per year
    – (only for program 40 weeks)
  • Special team weekend trainings and activities
    (mountains, bicycle, swimming etc.)
  • Ability to purchase individual 1 on 1 trainings


  • Regeneration (Sauna, Whirlpool, Swimming pool etc.) – unlimited
  • 2 time a week massage


  • Tournament schedule (only for program 40 weeks)
  • Adapted training plan
  • Communication with players while tournaments

Upon request (not included)

  • Nutrition follow up
  • Foot care
  • Blood tests with personalized recommendations 
  • Medical check up
  • Video analysis
  • Help and assistance if injured/ communications with doctors
  • Ability to purchase individual 1 on 1 trainings

Price this program

Program per 10 months (40 weeks)23.000 EUR
Program 1 week650 EUR
Daily185 EUR

SCHOOL (10 months) 
International School6.000 EUR
US College serviceson request

Double / triple room per month220 EUR
Single room per month370 EUR
Full board (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner)600 EUR

Elite Coach Private Lesson (1 hour, 3 hr)85 / 225 EUR
Tennis Private Lesson (3hr pack)165 EUR
Fitness Private Lesson (3hr pack)85 EUR
Federative License service (for 1 year)45 EUR
Visa/ Residence permit Procedure300 EUR
Transportation to and from Prag/Wien400 EUR
Cancellation guarantee (by legal guardian or by the player)1.500 EUR
Office assistance (till 1h / 5 h / 6 and more)free / 25 / 40 EUR

Price list valid from 1.1.2022

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